Instinct Sensation Ultra LS

373.77 RON

Bringing optimal thermal regulation and protection for the cooler seasons. The Sensation Ultra LS allows intense activity in varying temperatures all while remaining dry: never too cold, never too warm! Its design allows a close-to-body fit while ensuring total freedom of movement.


  • NILIT Aquarius: filaments guarantee maximum softness and evaporation
  • 2 back pockets (400 ml each)
  • 2 shoulder “Sprint” pockets (150 ml) quick access
  • Anatomical collar design helps avoid pack chaffing
  • 3/4-length auto lock zipper for ideal temperature control
  • Specific abdominal panel to combat temperature fluctuations/stomach issues
  • Unique tubular mesh side panels for thermoregulation and sweat control
  • Spinal mesh panel for sweat control and proper heat dissipation

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